I'd like to formally apologize for one of my SDMB behavioral traits.

I tend to split my thoughts up into multiple replies. I am too quick to submit. So there ends up being two or more consecutive posts by me. I know this is irritating, it irritates me because I feel it makes me look like an eager-to-please motor-mouth.

I tend to do it more in anecdotal threads. I am the current thread leader in [url=]Ohhhh…that was dumb I drag up an anecdote, post it, and invariably drag up two or more not long afterwards. No-one else behaves quite as badly as me in this respect.
P.s. Don’t take this apology too seriously. I am genuinely apologizing, but I’m not all angsty about it.


I was thinking the same thing about myself, but my problem is I just think of something else I want to say right after submitting.

Yes, that link is rather dumb. Except if that was intentional, in which case you can take pride in another notch on your whoosh-cannon.



Corrected link

(Like I needed to bother)

That’d be the whoosh, Bob.

I don’t worry about it too much as I just figure it increases my post count. :wink:

(30 minutes between smartass remarks…that has to be a new record for me. :smiley: )

Yes, that is

rather troublesome.

Were you looking for the official, seal of approval, stamped “I’m sorry” too?

I’ve been guilty of the same thing too, Lobsang. It happens in normal conversation as well.

That’s two.

You are without a doubt always way too hard on yourself. You appear to be a very well respected and fun poster by my observations on the board. Hell, I don’t mind seeing lots of posts from you in a thread, the more the merrier. Perhaps it’s that drab Manx weather, but you’ve got to cheer up bud.

Nah, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting your replies get split into multiple posts. In fact, it’s quite respectable, since there’s no “edit” feature and nobody, but nobody is perfect!

OTOH, there is a behavioral trait of yours that I do find rather annoying. You’re too quick to apologize for your behavior. Really, you’ve got to stop that! :slight_smile:

YEAH!! I hate it when people…

…do that. :smiley: