I'd like y'all to clear this up for me...

I’m having a little argument (read: I want to throttle the other guy :wink: ) on another board concerning this section of dialogue.


Yes, that is part of the script for Final Fantasy 9. Please don’t laugh or send me somewhere else: there is a point to this, I promise.

“I was going to create you next, after all” is the sticking point. The tense usage there suggests to me that Garland would have created Zidane no matter what. I know it’s inpast continuous but I can’t articulate anything else about its function.

And because you’re all such lovely and smart people, I thought I’d come here (lick lick, smarm smarm… :smiley: ) for help.

Ok, yes, I agree with you. While Kuja was created first, my understanding was that he was a prototype gone bad, and that Zidane would have been created anyway (considering the existence of all the other genomes) with his characteristics tweaked to counteract the things that were wrong with Kuja.

On pure grammatical usage, that is the impression I get as well, that Garland had (was going to) the plan already in place to create Zidane next before he even knew how the Kuja project would turn out.

Eh, my analysis may be biased from playing the game twice through and watching others play it a few times as well.

Woohoo! Someone agrees with me! (cough cough)

And Kuja was intended to be just another Genome. It’s interesting that you mention the tweaking of Zidane’s characteristics- that’s something that never occured to me. Maybe Garland used Kuja as a test run before unveiling his ultimate creation?

And, so that this doesn’t turn into an exclusively FFIX thread, am I really the only person to notice certain similarities between Kuja’s character and Marlowe’s Faustus?

It’s just a couple of quotes here and there, but I think it’s neat. The major ones are:

He surrenders up to him his soul
So he will spare him four and twenty years,
Letting him live in all voluptuousness…

Well, not so much surrenders, but their souls are both forfeit after 24 years.

Yea, stranger engines for the brunt of war
Than was the fiery keel at Antwerp’s bridge
I’ll make my servile spirits to invent.

Vivi’s not strange! He’s cute!

There’s also a neat embodiment of Jungian archetypes (the Crystal).
Hahaha… I have far too much time on my hands.