ID short story.

I read this short story in the late sixties in an anthology. It was about a bank robber who buried the money in a new suburban development under a tree. When he got out of prison he went back to the suburb and found that the tree had grown so he would not be able to get the money without a lot of trouble and notice. He eventually marries the woman living in the house with the tree.
Thanks in advance.

Just so’s you know this wasn’t ignored, it did sound a tiny bit familiar to me. I searched and didn’t find it, but at least I can bump the thread!

You might wish to try Goodreads, they have a whole area devoted to book/story inquiries.

Like Dung Beetle, I remember reading this story. But I don’t remember the title or author either.

Thanks, I want to say that it was in a Alfred Hitchcock anthology but the two that I bought when looking for it did not have it. I do know that it was in hardback. and probably older than the late sixties. My mother would pick up books on sale at department stores and such for me. Also for some reason I want to say that the author was Jack Ritchie but that is just a wild guess. It just seems the type of story that he would write.

Just saying it rings a bell for me too. It’s possible that, rather than reading the story in question, I’ve heard an episode of some old radio program that was based on the story.

“Mr. Manning’s Money Tree” by Robert Arthur, I think (see description here )

P.S. Dendarii Dame deserves credit for suggesting that the story was in a book edited or written by Robert Arthur, and for suggesting that the title had “Money Tree” in it.

That’s great. I have ordered the book. The time frame is right and since the story was the first one in the book that might be why it is the only story that I remember.