I'd Suggest Staying Away From Seoul for a While

They’ve just whipped up a record batch of kimchi.

Yeah, its tasty, but some of the “after effects” aren’t nearly so pleasant.

The distance, it does nothing [to quell the smell]!

I want some! I love kimchi. A Korean friend of my brother’s gave us some authentic home-made stuff when we were teenagers. Absolutely scrumptious stuff: if you like spicy, pickled, fermented cabbage, that is. (No seriously, it’s to die for.)

Correction: It’s to seriously die from. Anything that’s fermented and buried in the ground, you’re supposed to put a headstone over it and call it done, OK?

Yes, and when it’s done, you dig it up and invite some friends over.

Seriously, it is good stuff. A Korean exchange student introduced the stuff to me a few months ago. I really wish I had tried it sooner. And now I’m hungry. packs bags for Seoul

It’s made with the same bacillus that gives us yogourt. I love that little bastard.

Oh, man! I LOVE kimchi. It’s a great natural mosquito (and everything else) repellent.

“Hey Al, you think they call it kimchi because there are so many Kim’s in Korea, and they believe in chi?”

“I don’t think so Tim.”

I love kimchi. I can get some in glass jars here, but it’s seriously weak. It does tingle on the tongue like it was carbonated, though. I wish I lived closer to a good Asian food store so I could get some spicy stuff.

Yum, kimchi!

Dude, it’s surprisingly easy to make. Here’s the recipe from Joy of Pickling. I blow off the scallions because I don’t care for the texture, and use about 1.5 times the amount of brine (keeping the salt concentration the same) because it never seems to cover up the cabbage correctly. You just have to keep an eye on it and make sure that you don’t under or over ferment it.

What happens if you over ferment it? Does it turn into booze? 'Cause that would be cool.

It explodes.

Anyway, the optimal amount of fermentation is completely subjective. Some people like it nearly raw, others prefer it nearly rotting. (Over-fermented kimchii is perfect for stew and pancakes.)


Uh, not the kind you put syrup on. :smack: More like… kimchii mixed with flour and water and cooked in a frypan.

Kimchii, no, never could acquire the taste for the stuff. I did try it a few times.
Now, if there was a recipe to ferment soju, I would be set.

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