Id that 90s Chicagoland talk radio show?

Off and on for what seems like years now, I’ve done some casual Googling trying to find any mention of a radio show that I remember from the 90s. Maybe someone here remembers it.

This would have been early 90s, and I want to say the show was on WLUP (that or WLS). I remember thinking it was a late night show, but I was 10 or 11 at the time, so “late night” could have been 11pm. I want to say the show was called One Step Beyond, but at the very least, that was definitely the theme song

Madness - One Step Beyond

From what I remember, each episode was about a specific “subculture”…Teddy Boys, Roller Girls, urban explorers, etc.

Anyway, I remember liking it a lot and was hoping to find… well, an archive of episodes is probably way too much to expect, but just some discussion about the show would be cool.

Anyone else remember this?


Could you be thinking of Art Bell? I don’t remember what the show was called, but he was the host of a late-night talk show that focused on paranormal, occult, extra-terrestrial, and other crypto-type topics. It wasn’t local, but syndicated, and played on either WLS or WGN.

I pulled up some of Art Bell on Youtube… it’s definitely not the show I’m thinking of, but I probably would have eaten it up at that age. You do make a good point though, I don’t have any reason to believe that it wasn’t a nationally syndicated show… I just feel like it wasn’t.

Man, now that I’m finally getting around to posting this question, it’s really bothering me. I just can’t find a thing, but I know I’m not making this up. Gaah!

All this thinking about late-night radio in the 90s also has me realizing how much I miss Dr Demento. :frowning:

Dr. Demento is still on every week. But only on the internet, and you have to pay a subscription fee. Me, cheap bastard that I am, just rely on the hours and hours of him I taped off the radio over the years!