ID the Zombie comic character

Today’s (March 12) Lio makes a joke about zombie comic strips (those strips that continue to run long after the original creator has died).
From left to right, I recognize Hagar the Horrible, ???, Dagwood Bumstead (Blondie), Charlie Brown (Peanuts), and some guy from B.C. (B.C.)

Who’s the second one from the left supposed to be? The one between Hagar and Dagwood?

Hi from Hi and Lois.

ETA: Damn. From the link I see that Lois Flagston is Beetle Bailey’s sister! I never knew that.

But Mort Walker isn’t dead, and neither Peanuts nor BC were continued after their authors’ expiration.

2 minutes! This board is great!

BC is still going, written by Hart’s grandson. Peanuts has been in reruns for almost a decade, despite that fact that Schultz had retired the strip (in a weird coincidence the final strip ran the day after he died) and it is still taking up space in a lot of newspapers.

Mort Walker is alive, but Dik Browne is not.

BC is, in fact, still going. Done by Hart’s grandsons, Mick and Mason Mastroianni. (Mick also writes Wizard of Id, which is drawn by Brant Parker’s son.) Much the same situation as Hagar (done by Dik Browne’s son, Chris) and Blondie (by Chic Young’s son, Dean).

Tatulli has confirmed it’s Hi. (You’ll need to scroll down a whole lot - can’t link straight to the comment.) Strange how many posters there think Hi’s either Heart or Dean, from Tatulli’s other strip, Heart of the City…

At first glance I thought it was the girl from 9 Chickweed Lane, but that didn’t fit the “zombie strip” pattern.