Id these newscasters?

ABC News, Nov. 1963
Possibly Dallas area or national network, Nov. 1963
Possibly Dallas area or national network, Nov. 1963
National network, 1963
National network, 1980s?
Today Show ,1980s?

That one’s John Seigenthaler

Unknown 5 (national network 1963) is Frank McGee of NBC. McGee later went on to be a rotating anchor of NBC Nightly News and hosted the Today Show until his death from cancer. look for footage of NBC’s coverage on the afternoon of 11/22/63 (a lot of it is on YouTube) and you’ll see that McGee was handling a lot more of the coverage in those first hours than either Chet Huntley or David Brinkley.

Unknown 3 looks familiar, but I can’t come up with a name. I want to say he worked for CBS.

I think the third one is John Cameron Swayze.

[del]Unknown #2 sure looks like Tom Brokaw. [/del]!

Correction: your numbers are out of sync with the photos. Very confusing.

#6 looks like Tom Brokaw. Picture #2.

Nope, this is Swayze. Note the even more receeding hairline.

I’m pretty sure the man on the right in unknown 1 (ABC news) is James Hagerty. Hagerty had been Dwight Eisenhower’s press secretary, and then became head of ABC’s news operation (which in the early 1960’s, wasn’t a great honor.) I believe the man on the left is Don Goddard, who was the only person on duty at ABC News headquarters when Kennedy was shot, and had to stay on the air until the network could track down and get their real anchors back to the studios.

Goddard is not wearing a terrible toupee. He had a gray streak on the left side of his head, and parted his hair on the right, which accounts for the black mass in the middle.

Unknown #2(pic #3/6) is possibly Joe Theismann, former Wash. Redskins QB.

I think the third one is John Daly. I’ll see if I can find another photo. I remember him mostly from What’s My Line though – didn’t know he was ever a newscaster.

ETA: Nope. Not him. Sorry.