ID these songs from the 70's

On another message board, we’ve all been going nuts trying to figure out the titles/artists of the following songs. Most of us have a faint recognition of them, but that’s it.

Below is a copy of the original message. I’m guessing the Teeming Millions can do the job.

There are two songs I have wanted to have for years. The first I heard on the radio one time, and it came out in 1972. It was about an old man reflecting back on his one true love and the chorus when “if you loved me loved me love, why did you ever leave me girl, if you loved me loved me love, why did you ever go?” It had a bubblegum beat.

The other I don’t remember any of the words, only the style. It was an AM hit in the early 70’s, and the main chorus was just the same words over and over. Underneath the chorus you could hear conversations going on, and I seem to remember that one of the conversations was an argument between a child and parents. This song was played repeatedly on the radio when it was a hit, but I’ve never heard it since. *

All I remember about that song is that the singer-narrator saw a street musician singing the refrain; and by the end of the song the man had passed away. :frowning:
I’m looking for a song, perhaps “Ma Chere Amie," from that time, in which the singer sings a few lines in French, and: "Ma chere amie, I’m in love with you!”

“Ma Belle Amie” par “The Tee Set,” peut-etre?

(Yeah, pretty sorry French, but it’s been 20 years.)

The only song I can think of that has a conversation in the background is the Cat Stevens’ song, “Father and Son”. Could that be it?

I don’t remember any background conversations in ‘Father and Son’. That song is a dialog between a father and his son, but they take turns.

It wasn’t “Run, Joey, Run,” by David Geddes, was it?

Re: the second tune…
the only song I can think of that had a chorus, but no words was perfectly mundane for this forum:
“Fly Robin Fly”
Indeed, the whole “song” had only six different words to it. The chorus went:
"Fly Robin fly,
"Fly Robin fly.
"Fly Robin fly,
“up up to the sky”
…i hope that helps

I don’t recall any background conversation in “Fly Robin Fly”…

“Run, Joey, Run” is about a pregnant girl, and in the chorus, she’s pleading with her father not to kill Joey.

Ma ch`ere amie, I’m in love with you!"

Maybe Stevie Wonder

See Joey run.
Run, Joey, Run!
See Robin fly.
Fly, Robin, fly!

What can we say about a decade in which sonwriters’ primary source of inspiration was “Dick and Jane”?

Songwriters! Songwriters! Jeez…