ID this 70's B movie.

Either 70’s or early 80’s.

A Dark humor comedy:

It’s about this guy who keeps getting screwed around by old people. Fed up, he goes on a major campaign to kill all people over the age of… 50? (or something like that) In which he eventually succeeded.

Children of the Pureed Corn.

“Wild in the streets” would be my guess. One of my favorite bad movies. Awesome scene where the antihero doses the Senate with LSD. on phone so to much of a PITA to post IMDB link.

Wild in the Streets was late 60’s, but is also what came to my mind. I still have the hit record from the movie: The Shape Of Things To Come by “Max Frost And The Troopers” (I think it was really Davie Allen and the Arrows); the onscreen band’s drummer was played by young Richard Pryor.

Fourteen Or Fight!!

Heh, that’s it. I had the premise a little messed up, but you nailed it anyway.


I tried watching it on YouTube a while back but couldn’t get through the whole thing. Shelley Winters was the best thing in it, which is true of a lot of her other movies.

I haven’t seen it since the one time in '69. I had trouble getting through it then.
I did like that song, though; the record was the best thing about the movie.

I still remember the cheesy last scene where the drunk protagonist/anti-hero stomps on some kid’s pet frog or something, and you see the kid darkly mutter something like, “Never trust anyone over 12.”

Or something like that.

Yeah, this is about the only part of the movie that I can remember (Vividly) as well.

Heck, I couldn’t have been more than six or eight years old when I saw it on the TV with my parents and their friends. I think it stuck in my head because they really seamed to get a kick out of it.

In retrospect, this only cements the idea that my parents were hippies when they were young. Something they vehemently deny. :smiley: