Id this bird? [From just a feather!]

Pic. Found in central South Carolina near a lake.

My guess is a raptor of some kind. Redtail hawk maybe. It’s a lot easier to ID from a primary than a little feather like that though.

Colibri provided this link to The Feather Atlas a while back. By choosing “barred” and “brown”, I got over two hundred hits, many which were raptors.


Here are some pictures from a flight feather atlas.

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Thanks. Kinda figured that a) it was probably a bird of prey, and b) might not be able to narrow it down any further given the info at hand.

My first guess would be some kind of woodpecker

The elusive Ivory Billed Woodpecker!

My gut says an owl.

I’d say owl too, given the floof on it.