Id this 'evolutionary oddball?' [Cambrian/Greenland: looks like spiny postage stamp]

In the late 1980s/early 1990s, John S. Peel and Simon Conway Morris discovered a fossil that they tentatively called ‘Grasper.’ At the time, they weren’t sure whether it might have been an annelid, arthropod, or even a lobopod. I couldn’t find a scientific name for it in the article.

Is there any more recent info on this critter?
[I’ve been going thru old science magazines before trashing them, and seeing what follow-ups there might be on some stories. This particular article referred to it as an ‘evolutionary oddball.’]

I know that Morris did a lot of work in the Burgess Shale of British Columbia - is it possible the fossil was there instead of Greenland?

If so, could it be one of the ones listed on this Wikipedia page?
A cursory scroll-though didn’t definitively identify what you might be asking about - do you have any more details?

Here’s the article. That probably helps.

And here’s a drawing of what they thought (at the time, anyway) it looked like.

The illustration appears to matchKerygmachela kierkegaardi, an arthropod in the Anomalocarididae.

The original description is in this article:

Thank you.