ID this Heavy Metal magazine story (spoiled)

I was a big fan of Heavy Metal, and used to get it on a regular basis. I tried to search online for a particular story but haven’t been successful; I’m looking for the title and author.

In a fantasy forest setting, a male figure (short, some type of anthropomorphic) and a female fairy creature are having a conversation. They are accompanied by a large flightless bird that carries one of them. They are walking through their forest, and make their way to the edge of the forest, where they decide to enter the golden fields beyond.

They see a strange ‘large beast’ approaching them, with a line of human figures to either side, and move to greet the new arrivals. Suddenly there is a perspective shift; a voice over panel describes the ‘new contact’ and the advancing military unit opens fire on the three, killing them. The tank reports back to base, and the strip ends.

What was this? I’m sure I have more questions about half-remembered stories from HM, but this one for now… can anyone name it?

Well, not all the details match, but it sounds like Ballade, by Moebius.

The boy is human, and he doesn’t think the tank is a beast (he calls it ‘a legendary Thingamajik’), but it has a bird-like mount, a fairy-type woman, and the two of them walking along having a conversation before the army shows up and kills them all.

I think you have nailed it Kamino Neko. Here is the story in question, Link.

Very good, thanks! It was a while ago, I remember that the boy looked odd, and missed some details, it has been many years. But that’s it!

I really like most of Moebius’ stuff.

Added: Thanks for the link, now I can read my old faves again.