ID this... lady?

i have no idea if she’s an actress, singer, political figure… whatever. it’s an animated .gif for someone’s avatar that i saw. everyone else on this board has asked repeatedly who this person is and the owner just ignores all inquiries. i don’t know why it took so long for me to ask this board.


Sorry, no idea, but those are nice ones.

The comments identify which movie it is from.

Spokesperson for the National Pepper Council?

From one of the “Carry On…” movies, apparently.

Margaret Nolan?

Apparently, she was also the girl in the Goldfinger posters.

It’s not, but I first thought it was Jane Fonda in Cat Ballou. (Left side of poster.)

Bless you.
This has more of the scene in it.

Okay, that is the funniest clip I have seen in a long time.

“So, miss, what seems to be the issue?”

“Well, doctor, every time I sneeze, I have an orgasm.”

“Oh. What are you taking for it?”



Isn’t that Carol Cleveland - the girl Monty Python used in any sketch they needed an actual girl?

Apropos of nothing, I saw Carol Cleveland close up and in person last October, and she’s still relatively toothsome for her age.

Just thought you’d like to know.