ID this military hardware please

In the documentary Restrepo (excellent BTW), there is a scene near the end where the unit is firing down into the valley from the outpost. One of the soldiers is seated and looking into a big cube - like a sub captain into his periscope. The cube can be panned and tilted and the operator can see the various taliban members scattering as they are being shot at.

It seems a bit big just to be a pair of binoculars. Any idea what it is?

I took a screen shot and posted it here:

Laser targeting device maybe? I thought it may be an LRAD but I see nothing like it on a Google image search.

Military-grade Viewmaster?


Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System

So… what’s it do besides being a giant pair of binoculars?

WAG: laser rangefinders combined with an internal compass and GPS so they can lob in mortars or call in airstrikes with extreme precision.