ID this PC game...

I’ve forgotten the title. It was an FPS/RTS-style space game, US vs. the Russians, it started on the moon, went to other planets later in the game. As the player, you moved around the map on foot or in a variety of vehicles, fighting the opponent, deploying vehicles and such, and issuing orders to your base factories.

Any ideas?


There aren’t many RTS/FPS mixes, and that one comes to mind first. PCGamer lauded it repeatedly in 1998 IIRC, and lamented how poorly it seemed to sell.

Command & Conquer (or one of the sequels)?

Or possibly Starcraft?

US v. Russians?

Since some of these “I can’t remember details of this game/song/movie, but here’s what I kind of remember about it” questions tend to have incomplete or inaccurate descriptions (or sometimes are combined elements of different but similarly-themed games) I just figured I’d throw those out there. I don’t know of any RTS games that feature the US and Russia fighting it out on a lot of different planets, anyway.

I think Mr. Wintermute got it already…


True enough! I have learned something new, and a little less ignorance remains in the world…

Is this game still available? Is it Abandonware? I’m quite curious. It looks like the sequel even has a still-active modding and online multiplayer community going.

Winner! Muchos danke.