Id this plant

Central South Carolina. Looks somewhat similar to the previously identifed Cherry Laurel. Pic 1 Pic 2. The fruit, including the piece of stem is about the length of a penny’s diameter. The fruit, at least at this time, is largely one big seed with just a green skin covering it.

How big is the plant? A tree, a shrub?

Looks like some kind of Elaengnus.

Wow, that’s pretty close. This particular plant is a tree, probably at least 10-12 feet high. [I know that botanists have some strict definitions on what is considered a tree, so I am speaking from a non-botanical background.]

Oops, have had difficulty spelling that word correctly, supposed to be Elaeagnus.

Eleagnus pungens?

My first thought was some kind of olive, as well.

ETA: And I see that was exactly what Ostrya posted…

Thanks, all!

Man, that Elaeagnus word is hard to spell. :wink: