ID this red-cloaked pop singer

So I was halfway watching a talk show a few weeks ago when they introduced a singer–don’t remember her name–Very pretty and frail-looking blonde woman, maybe 30 years old, who plays piano and has a very smokey, bluesy singing style.

I’ve seen photos of her before, and she always wears this bright red cloak, very Little Red Riding Hood-looking garment.

Does this description ring any bells with anyone?

Wouldn’t be Diana Krall, would it? I haven’t come across any photos of her in the Red Riding Hood garment mentioned. Song samples at this CD Universe link.

Nelly McKay is my best guess. She is awesome…

Official Site…

Nellie McKay it is, thanks!

Just for the record, she’s actually a few months shy of 22.

Her debut double-album, “Get Away From Me” (a subtle snipe at Norah Jones’ mega-popular debut album “Come Away With Me”), is really terrific. Nellie McKay goes from smoky, sultry cocktail lounge chanteuse to wistful, Brit-inspired warbler to angry female rapper to full-on jazz diva, and she plays her own instruments and writes all her own songs.