ID this TV show with little kids driving miniature cars

I only have a very vague memory of this show. Like it says on the subject, it involved little kids (5~9 year olds maybe?) who drove around miniature cars and went out on dates with each other. I think there was a black kid who didn’t have a car, but eventually got one. If i remember correctly he was the protagonist and nicest one.
Does anyone remember this show? I think it was around the late 80s that it was on. I think.

I vaguely remember an Our Gang Comedy episode that loosely fits your discription but that dates scores of years before you are discribing.

And I am sure you would remember Buckwheat, Spanky, Alfalfa, et al.

Nah, it was in color. Plus, i think i would’ve noticed.

Thanks anyways.

You mayyyyy be thinking of Bugsy Malone.

It was a 70’s movie with Scott Baio and Jodie Foster, set in 1940’s Chicago gangsterland. Guns were cream-pie shooters, and cars wer pedal-powered.

Very very cool movie.

There was a Little Rascals movie that was released in 1994 and used the same plot (and shots) from the original Our Gang short.

The movie was set in the Prohibition-era. “Down-and-out” would certainly have been out of place in the Forties.

I hesitated in putting that date in there. I don’t know my US history very well. Thanks for the correction.