ID this very weird old sci-fi film from a half-remembered scene?

I think I asked this question here in CS a long time ago, and I believe somebody might have even answered it, but … lunkhead me I forgot it. Anyway, definitely a black & white movie, from my very vague recollection I would say it seemed to be 40s or 50s era.

The only scene I can recall is four astronauts (or scientists or whatever) - three men and a woman - are in some netherworld dimension room with ceiling so high you couldn’t see them. The room was completely empty and featureless save for one wall with a mosaic of globes all along it. Inside each globe was a miniature city. The astronauts had one globe in their possession that they had to place in an empty socket high up on the wall. Somehow or other, this globe had been dislodged and it caused all of time (except for them) to stop moving. And nothing would happen anywhere in the universe ever again if they didn’t put the globe back.

The astronauts make a human pyramid, and the woman almost inserts their globe into the socket, but then there’s a fantastic GONG-ing like a grandfather clock chiming that’s so loud it shakes the room and everyone falls. They’re left back at square one, wondering what to do and how to save the universe.

One thing I know for certain, it is not the Twilight Zone episode with the dolls, even though the scenario of forming a human ladder and the gonging that disrupts them is similar. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I checked under the “Time Freeze” and “Reset Button” pages in Tvtropes and didn’t see anything that looked promising (though oddly enough, I found this movie that I saw 30 some years ago on TV, and never got around to looking for on purpose). Sorry.

Thanks for looking anyway. The one you linked to isn’t it, though I believe I saw that one too. (In hindsight, there was a lot of really strange stuff on at the 4:00 movie on weekday afternoons.)

Did you try searching your old threads to see if anyone had any ideas back then?

I’m sure this isn’t it, but I want to point out that there’s another TZ episode featuring a miniature colony of people on another planet, but that’s about of the plot that resembles what you mentioned.

Reminds me of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode “Halls of Time” where everyone has an hourglass with the sands of their lives. What could go wrong showing them to a bunch of rotten kids?

Also, the whispering gallery of the Soul Hunters from Babylon 5.
I thought looking that up would direct me to some movie reference, but no luck.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, but might it be The Terrornauts?

From the description:

The Terrornauts is one weird flick. It has rock-bottom bad production values, and is a terrible movie. The poster is arguably good:

But incredibly misleading.

The script has high-power SF talent behind it, being based on a story by Murray Leinster, with a screenplay written by John Brunner (!!!) It is, however, awful beyond belief.(I’ve never read “The Wailing Asteroid”, the story it’s supposed to be based on)

To quote the Wikipedia page:

The film lost money. No surprise.

For years the poster for this hung in the MIT Science Fiction Society library. Probably a grim joke. Or someone really liked the poster.
The film is in color, by the way. If this really is it, maybe you saw it on a black and white TV?