ID this weird conceptual video artist/work from the Art Institute of Chicago

When I was at the Art Institute of Chicago about a year ago, there was a video installation by some guy that I understood to be “Pretty Famous” in the modern art world. I think that his schtick is that he takes pictures and/or makes videos of teens and pre-teens looking awkard and uncomfortable and, uh, it’s art.

Anyway, the video was this really gawky, uncomfortable-looking preteen girl lip-synching along to a boy band song; it sounded like the Backstreet Boys or someone from that era.

Anyone know who this is or what that work was? It really weirded me out.

My first guesses are Sam Taylor Wood or Larry Clark; maybe Tony Oursler? Burt Barr?

I don’t know what the name is, but it’s a pretty creepy exhibit. I saw it a couple of years back.