ID This Woody Allen-esque 1970ish Movie

Surely a SD movie guru will know! I swear there was a Woody Allen (or Woody Allen-esque) movie called “Vertigo”, “Neuroses”, or “Paranoid” or the like. It was a comedy, maybe borderline science fictiony, possibly about a guy in a nut house or being studied for his neuroses, or similar plot. (Obviously, it is NOT the Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”, but I swear it had THAT name, and it’s not like I follow Hitchcock and got the names swapped in my mind.) I swear the movie’s title was a one-word title.

A search through Woody’s filmography on both IMDB and Wikipedia came up empty. But, surely someone must know what I am thinking of! For starters, what other actors come to mind to be Woody Allen-like to play the neurotic type? That might spark my memory.

P.S. No, it was not “The End” nor “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. But, what else kinda like these movies (in a broad sense) comes to mind?

Mel Brooks’ High Anxiety was a spoof of Vertigo, among other films.

Well, let’s get this out of the way right away:

Was it Mel Brooks’ “High Anxiety” his homage to Hitchcock?

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High…oh never mind.

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Someone remind me, is there any repeated mistakes on Harvey Korman’s name in this one?
“Dr. Charles Montague”: I’m not seeing any obvious takes compared to “Hedley Lamarr”/“Hedy Lamarr” or "Count de Monet "/“Count da Money”.

Sounds like Simon. It’s certainly Woody Allen-esque: director/writer Marshal Brickman frequently collaborated on screenplays with Allen.

In Sleeper, Woody Allen is studied by scientists who think he may be a little batty after coming out of stasis, but that was only one part of the movie.

Was it Zelig?

The interesting thing about Zelig is that it looks similar to any other movie it’s compared to.

I’m going to have to see that again. I remember loving it at the time but its been decades since I’ve seen it. I wonder if it holds up.

OK, for the first time, I’ve just noticed that Jinx’s location says “Lost in Space.”

For the life of me, I couldn’t recall the title. Thanks all for your help.

Which one was it?

I don’t know which film Jinx was thinking of, but I just have to say:

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