Idaho Skiing (first time) - Bogus or Tamarack?

I will be up in Boise this weekend with my teenage son, and we’re planning to go skiing. We originally wanted to go to Bogus Basin but now wants to go to Tamarack.

Now, there’s one problem; I have never been skiing. I could count on my fingers the times that I have seen snow. My son has more experience than I have, but he has been as supportive as any teenage boy could be (His exact words were: “Oh, this is going to be good.” Thanks, son.)

We have had some rough times in the past, and a road trip to Tamarack might be a good bonding experience. That said, Bogus Basin is cheaper and seems better geared towards beginners. It also has the advantage of being in town, and we could probably get more skiing in.

Given that we will probably stick to the beginner trails, is the skiing in Tamarack worth the trip? Besides skiing, is there anything else to do while we’re up there?

As a third option, how about Sun Valley? We have camped in the Salmon River Valley before, and it might be fun to make a side trip on the way back.

Oh hands down Tamarack! If you have never skied before and don’t plan to ever again, I’d skip a lesson and stay on the lower mountain closest to Tamarak Village for the morning, and then go up on the quad to mid-mountain and take the blue trails for the afternoon.

Now if you are planning on skiing again, and want to really learn form etc…take a lesson for the morning, spend the morning learning then go to the summit and make your way down.

I’d vote for option 2. :smiley: I’m jealous, very nice skiing up there this year! What kinds of stuff do you like to do? If you like to Drink there’s plenty of nice pubs and taverns…Night life?? Sitting next to a fire with hot cider and a little rum with your friends…I love that part, we always stay on the mountain, and it’s always funtimes! I don’t drink, so if you don’t plan on drinking, you can still do the above without the rum. :slight_smile:

Er, just want to interject here that a person who has never skied before should definitely NOT go on blue runs!

I suggest reading the other skiing thread going on here in IMHO for some tips!

If you are at all interested in Sun Valley – and if you’ve never skiied Dollar Mountain might be great for you, it’s where the baby runs are as opposed to Baldy – PM me. Seriously. I don’t ski, but I live in Ketchum, about two miles from the resort proper. I’m quite familiar with the current specials and stuff they’re running, which are really good.

It’s about three hours from Boise, so it’s a bit of a road trip, but nothing awful this late in the year. Currently skiing here ends April 13, so decide quick!

Phlosphr, a lesson is definitely in my plans. I figure that’s an hour well spent. Would a couple of runs down the Upper Waltz/Lower Waltz be worth it? I might try a blue run, but only if this comes ridiculously easy to me. I don’t mind falling down a little, but I want to be able to walk to the car when we’re done.

whiterabbit, I don’t use messaging so I emailed you. Sun Valley is definitely an option, but so far it’s looking like the most expensive of the three choices. Any specials that you can point me to will be greatly appreciated.

I have also thought about doing lessons at Bogus one day, then driving to another mountain for the next.

Thanks all; keep 'em coming…

Yeah, it can be expensive. I’ll check my mail, though.