Ideal luggage?

I’ve had a hard sided American Tourister crack open at one lock, a handle come off a Samsonite. I’m thinking soft sided luggage might last more years, as long as the zipper is good.And there’s no straps to get caught.Suit bags are the worst. I don’t put valuable stuff in suitcases usually.
I hate to be the traveler that insists on checking nothing and then has three carry ons.“It’s just my camera bag”, they’ll say.

Name brands!

I just love my Lands End Lighthouse set! I’ve put those babies through misery, and they’ve never complained.

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What type are they (hard or soft?) and where does one buy them?

I use an army surplus duffel bag. Never failed me yet.

I recently bought a Timberland dufflebag that converts into a backpack. It’s my favorite piece of luggage ever.

In addition to great “cramability,” the bag is easy to carry and tough. It spent several days strapped to the top of a 4WD van we used to drive off-road several hundred KM through central Asia. The bag fell off the van twice. When I got it home, it was dusty, but as good as new.

Sunbear, I was also going to recommend Land’s End to you. Everything I’ve ever bought from them has been EXCELLENT quality and I’ve heard really great things about their luggage. Check out their web site:

I have a luggage fetish and after plenty of “can I borrow yours to test drive it” I found a pull along ( like a stewardess bag) that I’ve used on every trip for 7 years. It has a three year warranty and I’ve never had a problem with it, except that when I pull it behind and I am walking at a fast clip it does flip. New ones I think have a wider wheel base. ) I bought it at Target for about $60. I don’t know the brand off hand, but they are always on display there. You can’t rip the material. (It’s soft with a hard corners for the gorillas in baggage handling.)

I also always take with me my trust old back pack purchased for about $35 11 years ago. It’s my constant companion on every trip, day trip or long haul journey, and now doubles as a diaper bag and looks like I bought it yesterday. I think I will be buried with it I love it so much.

I really want a suitcase like the one in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld fantasy novels. It’s a wooden trunk with hundreds of little legs, and it is magical and will follow its owner anywhere. It’s called The Luggage.

In this reality, I have a Delsey flight-attendant-style suitcase (there’s a name for them, but I forget what it is). I’ve had it for about 4 years now. It’s a warranty replacement; the first one had some design problems. They replaced it very readily, though, and I’ve been happy with it.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s black. Most suitcases are black, and it’s easy to pick up the wrong one by accident. Someone once picked up mine by mistake. :frowning: Fortunately, the guy realized this before he left the airport, so I got it back. I have a red nametag on it now, which helps.

I’ve also had good experiences with Samsonite bags. Never tried Land’s End luggage, but I’ve found that their clothes are very high quality.

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BG:will check out Land’s end.Did you know they have a “factory store” in Madison, WI. I bought a cotton jacket there for $5.

I’ve had really good luck with TUMI, plus they have all sorts of fun compartments!

Micronesian Samsonite, AKA the large size Coleman cooler.

Cheap. Indestructible. Keeps your cooked taro, chilled fish fresh on the way to the US, clothes and gifts intact on the way back.

No zippers for the airlines, Customs, etc… to maul. Stylishly plebeian, utilitarian chic - recognizable by all Air Mike regulars, and other old Pacific hands - a secret club those NY twits at J. Crew can only dream of joining.

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I have a big 'ole Samsonite hard suitcase for those long trips; it once took a slide three stories down a huge escelator, loaded up to the top, and the only thing that happened was that one of the lock-hinges got a little bent, I wouldn’t want to be without it. The other piece of luggage is one of those little carry-on size suitcases with the wheels on the bottom and a handle, I call it my wheelie bin. It has a soft covering but a hard frame and I have at times managed to put 12 bottles of wine in it and it suffered no ill effects. I think it is made by a company called Orvis, and the best thing is that they have a lifetime guarantee, no questions asked. After I put the 12 bottles of wine in it I went to the shop and asked what I could do about the squeaky wheel, they replaced it right then and there! I feel like an ad now but I’m not, I swear.

Sun, yes, I know about that outlet store and I"m dying to visit it someday. It’d probably be about a 9 hour drive though so I think I’ll stick to their Overstocks section on the web :P!