Identical Front Pages on NY Post and Daily News

Don of a New Day as the headline, with nearly identical pictures.

The last time I recall this was when **National Geographic, Smithsonian, ** and scientific American all ran the same photo of volcanos on Io back in January of 1980:

Well, when he gets impeached, I’m sure both will have identical “Unpresidented!” covers.

9/11 is another example.

When Bin Laden died, newspapers apparently had two photos to choose - one facing left, the other right.

I’m surprised by the Daily News front page . Their election coverage was distinctly anti-Trump. They ran headlines such as “Clown Runs For President” and “Trump Is Hitler”. I expected a different tone from them, maybe something like “Apocalypse Now”

Consider the implications of “Don” in their area of distribution.

I started calling him Teflon Don a while ago when any despicable thing he did or said only strengthened his base and encouraged him further. Very much like the original.