Identify a chinese actress

I was hoping someone could identify who the actress in the below image is:
Bonus points if you could tell me what movie / show the still is from too :-).


Could it be Maggie Cheung from the movie “Ching Se” (Green Snake)?

(Not to be racist, but it’s hard to tell her apart from a hundred other actors who look very similar to her).

Source here, but I can’t read it very well.

name me an actress that looks like her.

In my searches, I couldn’t (and still can’t) tell her apart from Ariel Lin.

For that matter, she looks that girl from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon too. But to be fair, I don’t watch many Asian films.

non of the three are alike at all apart from being Chinese. you’re not looking beyond broad strokes. it happens with the very unfamiliar i think.

interesting that you had chosen them all from different countries and ages.

So who was it?

It might be Chun Chung. It looks like a scene from Chinese Erotic Ghost Story.

hmn? Maggie Cheung, like you said.

Oh, I wasn’t sure… are you positive?

She does look kinda pale and blurry and… oh god.

i have not seen the movie, but it is her.

Using tineye, I found this page… somebody here reads Chinese?

Google Translate shows the picture is labelled “Green Snake”. Maggie Cheung played the eponymous character in the 1993 film of that name.

I can’t name an actress, but I can name an actor: **Reply’s **first pic makes her look remarkably like Charlie Sheen.

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Thanks everyone for the help and the pointer to tineye. I wondered if there was a way to search the internet by image and now I know.