Identify a couple of sci-fi short stories?

I mentioned the first one to someone and he thought I was making it up!

Not certain if this one was science-fiction actually, but I do read a lot of it so probably.

Story was written from the perspective of a man who’s girlfriend had her brain emplaced in the body of a great white shark. She wasn’t the only one who had this procedure done (though different people became different species of sharks) and the volunteers were double-crossed by the facility and killed after being experimented on.

She breaks out and escapes, and for some reason I can’t remember ends up killing people attacking the narrator and accidently tearing his arm off in the process (I’m not certain about this last one).

Second story was set on a future Earth where religions seem to have taken prominence, the core of the planet has become a giant crystal for some reason. An alien diplomatic mission is visiting and they are present when the new Dalai Lama is selected, but the process goes wrong.

I do recall that a Catholic priest was punished for trying to convert one of the low-ranking members of the alien expedition, the alien was killed and the priest was publicly flogged. One character comments that he, the priest, was quite content with this outcome and as she watches the alien ambassador states, “Sometimes you humans are terrifying, absolutely terrifying.”

I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine either of these stories but I can’t remember their titles or authors.

Thanks in advance!

One bump only Vasilli…

I’d kind of like to identify the first one for my friend as he seemed pretty interested in the concept.

I don’t know about the second one, but the first one is probably Edward Bryant’s “Shark” which appeared in Orbit 12 and was a Nebula nominee for best short story. There’s a synopsis and review here.

The second one might be “Earth Made of Glass

That’s its, thank you! I’m kind of surprised it was written so long ago, I read it fairly recently.

Thanks for the suggestion, I don’t think that’s the one though.