Identify a gun from a vague descrition

Mrs. R was regaling me today with a story about two gun enthusiasts at her workplace discussing their latest acquisitions, and she caught a glimpse of a picture of one coworker’s gun which she said was the strangest gun she’d ever seen.

The body was red-anodized aluminum, it had a blocky design with big (oval?) cutouts here and there, and the gunmaker’s name started with V. It had a huge red-anodized scope on top of it.

Anybody out there able to identify this weird gun?

It’s likely a custom model. The scope is a separate item, so won’t give any clues. There are lots of combos that looks like that, but my best guess, sight unseen, would be a Volquartsen Inferno:

Personally, I think VQ tends to be style over substance, but they do look cool.

Volquartsen Custom?

We’re going to need some more info. Was it a rifle or pistol. I assumed rifle because you said scope, but there are pistol scopes.

Are you sure the manufactures name starts with “V” or was it the firearms model name that began with “V”.

:smack: Damn it, ivn1188 beat me.

Thanks; I’ll run those by Mrs. R and see if that’s what she saw.

It seems to have been a rifle.

She says that’s it. Man, you guys are good. :smiley:

Hmmm…a $2000 Ruger 10-22. I’m in the wrong business.