Identify a movie/TV show from clues in a hypothetical letter

Wow, Kawliga! You sure are a movie-TV trivia buff in your own right…
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June 6, 2000
New York, N. Y.
Dear Sid:
I got a job fixing copiers in this building. In the offices of that magazine you told me about, the owner’s daughter got hired. If she can handle that blond pipsqueak who runs the office, and that brainless ex-model, she’ll do all right…
August 16, 1968
Las Cruces, N. Mex.
Dear Mr. Weintraub:
I think you’re going to have to deal with that guy who hired those four cowboys. He has a zillion dollars and the personality of a Gila Monster. No wonder his wife left him. He called one of the guys a “bastard” and the guy came up with a real snappy comeback. I think that bandito she ran off with is going to do push-ups someday…
Ernesto Chávez
September 18, 1992
Detroit, Mich.
Dear Janet:
When you come out here you may want to skip that studio the cable TV system owns. The guy who hosts the show has the world’s biggest ego and a sidekick with the patience of a saint! I swear, he has to the way that guy he works for botches everything…
Love, George
November 30, 2001
Rye, N.Y.
Dear Mr. Arbuthnot:
The people at the high school you sent me to are unbelievable. This kid with red hair is the most ungrateful cretin…a pretty blonde runs herself ragged trying to please him and he still goes after that mean rich girl; he has a friend who is a bottomless pit; and the janitor speaks in the most incomprehensible Swedish accent…my guess is all this material will be too fantastic for us psychologists to prerpare a report on…
Dr. Dana Wilcox
May 27, 1949
San Pedro, Calif.
Dear Irene:
I’m going to have to come and stay with you after all. The Seacliff Children’s Home burned down three days ago…I still don’t know what happened to the Fire Department. But everyone is safe; a young couple with a giant gorilla and a cowboy who knows roping rescued us. The police showed up but they didn’t lift a finger to help us. After I stay in the hospital few more days I am going to have to come back to Kansas or Missouri for a while…it was too much for me.
Mabel Snodgrass

  1. Just Shoot Me
  2. The Professionals

Golly, is Kawliga the only Teeming Millionth who can answer these? Two weeks and no takers!
23. Home Improvement
24. Archie (comics)
25. Mighty Joe Young
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November 25, 1932
Dear Louie:
I don’t know why they let Huxley’s new president play football, but if that’s what it takes to beat Darwin I’m all for it! That weirdo with the jersey over his head brought a wheeled garbage can and a dog net on the field…he was playing pinochle with the Italian guy…
September 26, 1974
New York, N. Y.
Dear Rachel:
You asked about the new tenants two floors down. Remember that dry-cleaner from Queens? He moved in with his wife and that sassy maid. This British guy from the U.N. and the tall white guy with a black wife keep visiting. And they’re as sick of that greedy doorman as I am. When you come back downstate you can laugh at them the way I do.
July 30, 1869
Walnut Grove, Wis.
Dear Rev. Andrews:
The new family did move into town. The husband works at the sawmill; they have three little girls. It’s nice to have a solid family around after being subjected to that snotty little girl whose Pappy runs the general store–and her brainless mother, too…
Philip Hungerford
Jan. 6, 1979
Santa Monica, CA
Dear Michael:
I had not worried about the trailer tenants in the vicinity until that man trundled a big silver trailer down to the end. I don’t mind his father and that woman who said she’s a lawyer, but he gets that bearded goof and an assortment of hoods visiting him. And I heard the guy himself was in jail for a while…
June 1, 1994
Tupelo, Miss.
Dear George:
Funniest thing last week…I was trimming trees down by the square in that area in Alabama and I saw this awkward young man sitting on a bus bench, offering chocolates for others who sat down. And then there was a white feather that drifted around…must mean something.

#30: Forrest Gump , of course.

#26. Horsefeathers
#27. The Jeffersons

#28 Little House on the Prairie
#29 The Rockford Files