Identify a song from lyrics

This is from the early 80’s, most likely, and has a repeated “Get Working” as a sort of chorus.

Here’s one of the verses:

The foreman tells me what to do
He really hates me says I ruin his [crew?]
Put a thumbtack in his shoe
watched him hop around for a week
like a bullfrog up a creek
I didn’t anticipate
He’d investigate
All the evidence points to me
Now that’s the end of [coffee breaks]
The singer sounds a little bit like Peter Gabriel. The music & beat have a vague resemblence to Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”.
I’ve tried searching on parts of the lyrics, but with no success yet.

Nobody? Any hints?

The song is from Jeff Beck’s “Flash”.
A friend gave a casette copy, but I did see the album cover once. There are a few guest singers, Rod Stewart notably on “People get Ready”.
I’m pretty sure Beck sings the song in question.

That’s it, thanks!

The song is called “Get Workin’”, and this Rolling Stone review confirms that it is Jeff Beck on vocals.