Identify an 80's song by the chorus?

I heard this in the car today, and can’t remember what it’s called or who it’s by. I’m pretty sure it’s from the 80’s, it sounds kind of new wave to me.

“All I ever wanted, All I ever needed
Is here, in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
they can only do harm”

Can anyone get this?

Yup, that’s Depeche Mode. “Enjoy the Silence.”

It appears to be Enjoy the Silence.

I take it that the OP wasn’t alive during the '80s, because there’s no way you could have been and not known exactly what song that is. They played that sucker into the ground.

It came out in 1990 though didn’t it?

February of 1990, according to Wikipedia. Close enough.

Thanks guys.

I was born in '83. I was alive, but a little young to be aware of stuff like that. Even in 1990.

Yeah, musically, the 90’s didn’t start till December 1991.

Me too…well, 84. But I did listen to an alternative rock station that played it a lot growing up in high school, and for them, I think the 80s new wave sound never really ended. In the year 2002, I think that and the Smiths’ “How Soon is Now?” were permanently embedded in my skull.

Heheh, I went through a phase in the late 90’s where I was really into various 80’s groups. Had both Wedding Singer soundtracks (still can’t find one of them, but I know it’s in this house somewhere), etc.

I live outside of Philadelphia, the alt-rock stations around here didn’t play new wave much that I can recall, I had to resort to Star 104.5 and B101.1 (which were mostly soft-rock stations), and later there was one called MAX or something like that at 95.7 that played a fair bit of 80’s. Man, I used to listen to the radio so much in junior high and high school, and it’s sad how much of the different stations and their format permutations I can recall. Not anymore though, I really don’t listen much these days. The last things like that I remember were when Philly’s last real alt-rock station Y-100 was reformatted and all we had where the general rock stations until Sunny 104.5 (or whatever they were calling it) became one about a year ago.

XPN is the best station in the world, especially if you like exploring tons of new music and can’t stand overplayed songs.

Heh, I already have XPN as one of my presets on my car radio. I will say though, one of the store managers at my last job let us play it on the store radio, and I remember them replaying songs pretty often actually. This was right before Gnarls Barkley got really big here in the states (I remember that because it’s where I first heard of him). Not as bad as most stations, mind you, but some of my coworkers where surprised by it.