Identify old radio program - conceited actor, hick guests

A while back I heard an old time radio program - I’m not sure whether it was a one-shot or part of a series. The main character is a theatrical actor who lives in an elegant mansion, but in recent years he has been making his money by appearing on a popular radio program, portraying a “wise old unsophisticated country denizen” (“money, dear boy” Money, Dear Boy / Quotes - TV Tropes). He hates it, but he needs the cash.

The plot of the story I heard: The radio program sponsors have arranged a contest, allowing two of his fans to spend a week with him - but the fans are expecting him to be like his character, and the sponsor doesn’t want him to expose his secret, so he’s stuck, being his false self with them for the duration.

Anyone else remember this one?

I can’t name the show, but I can take a guess as to who the actor was: either Gale Gordon or Jack Benny. They both could sound quite pompous and conceited, but the “money” factor makes me lean toward Jack.

More of a Gordon type or Harold Peary, maybe.

That’s a starting point. I saw Gordon in an episode of Danny Thomas’s show not long ago, and he could be obnoxious indeed. He also had the kind of voice and enunciation I would expect of a classic theatrical actor.

Sounds like ‘The Magnificent Montague’ starring Monty Woolley

Yep, that’s it. Thanks!