Identify the Banknote

I am looking at graphics file. It is of a young Eurasian-looking lady. She has critical parts of her anatomy covered with brand new, crisp banknotes.

Each one has Queen Elizabeth’s portrait, the new older version in black. Each one is marked $250000 in violet ink. It has the British style “pound sign” in lieu of the dollar sign I used.

OK, so new notes, 250,000 pounds. Liz’s picture. Rhodesia? Old Hong Kong?

No, no link. I know, this thread is useless without photos.

Zimbabwe? Malta? Ireland? :: tries to think of countries that a) have been Commonwealth Realms for even a short while, b) used the pound symbol, and c) went through a bout of hyperinflation. ::

Are there any currencies that are not pounds that use the pound symbol? ISTR that Lira is abbreviated with the pound symbol as well.

Edot: were they even real banknotes? There have been novelty million-dollar bills made in Canada with the Queen’s picture, but they were never legal tender.

Put they would lack the ERII logo and the Queen’s modern portrait.

It sounds to me like they’re going to be faux notes, created specifically to look like money, but in silly denominations so as not to fall foul of any counterfeiting laws.

Well the UK has a history of some darn strict counter-counterfitting laws. But they look real to me.

Sure, but what use would be a quarter-of-a-million pound note? Where could you spend it?

You’d need more than one to buy a house these days…

Sure, but not many people pay actual physical cash for that and if they did, I don’t think they’d just flip open their wallet and peel out a couple of notes.

If the notes have the Queen’s head on them and have a denomination of 250K, prefixed by a £ sign, then I don’t see how they can be geniune.

Given the context I agree that it sounds like fake notes. Some sort of fashion statement?

OK, who needs to see the file? I can send it.

No luck identifying them. In fact, the only banknotes I could find that had a 250,000 denomination were a 1922 Azerbaijani 250,000 ruble note, a 1994 Georgian 250,000 lari note, a 1923 Polish 250,000 marek note, a 1923 Russian 250,000 ruble note, and a 1998 Turkish 250,000 lira note. And unless you’ve confused Kemal Ataturk for Elizabeth II, none of these are it.

Go ahead and email me the picture though. I can always appreciate the Eurasian lady if nothing else.

If I can see it, I can pretty well answer your question.

::: Raises hand:::
Please shoot me a copy.

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I’ll take a look too, if you like…

Boy! Thos sure are some BIG…er, uh, …numbers. Yeah, numbers. :slight_smile:

A quick glance seems like it’s a regular British 20 Pound note, but had the larger figures photoshopped on(perhaps) for the purpost of the the ad.

Is it possible to post a cropped section of the image somewhere, showing the monetary assets only? - I’m happy to do this if someone can send me a copy of the image.

The banknotes or the “critical parts of her anatomy”?

I wouldn’t mind seeing the pic as well. :slight_smile:

Better look again, it is there. (I just checked!)