Identify the (Chinese?) Short Film [Spoilers]

Female bus driver picks up young man. Young man and driver exchange pleasantries.

Bus driver picks up highway robbers. Robbers leave with passengers’ possessions, panicked bus driver.

Worried young man pleads with passengers to rescue driver from imminent sexual assault. Dejected young man acts alone, gets stabbed, comes back. Wounded young man gives passengers the evil eye.

Bus driver comes back, crying. Concerned young man inquires as to her well-being, told to leave the bus. Confused young man points to wound, lone rescue attempt, told to get the fuck out. Bus drives away with other passengers.

Walking young man comes across bridge, police officer. Young man learns of many victims in tragic accident. Camera pans down to reveal crashed bus beneath bridge.

Seen on Canadian television a few years ago. I haven’t done it justice, obviously, but it was actually a very powerful film that has been haunting me ever since. Problem is, I don’t know its title or where I might see the movie again. Any help in that regard would be greatly appreciated.

That’s it! Thank you.
Didn’t know it was based on a true story though. :frowning: