Identify the recycled movie plot!

Identify the recycled movie plot!

A somewhat childlike and naïve societal outcast is blessed/cursed with an incredible power. Although he is persecuted by authority figures from the outset of the story, the leading authority figure comes to understand his incredible gift and asks the outcast to use it to help a dying woman. Despite this breakthrough, the outcast decides that he cannot live in society and willingly succumbs to annihilation in the face of society’s unrelenting and ignorant persecution.

And now for your mission:[ul]
[li]Identify the movies using this plot.[/li][li]Challenge us with a recycled plot of your own![/li][/ul]

hmmmm, I offer no challenge, but the plot would be…

The green mile.


That’s right.

That is, The Green Mile and Powder were the two movies I had in mind.