Identify these "awful" animals (with pics!)

I recently found a page called “The most awful creatures in nature”. It’s a collection of photos, with no labels or accompanying commentary, of strange-looking creatures. Some of them I recognize and some of them I don’t; some of them I suspect may be photoshopped or models of extinct creatures. Can you help me identify all the photos?

Here’s a list of the photos in order, with the ones I recognize in bold:

[li]limpetty thing with a tail[/li][li][Japanese spider crab]( crab)[/li][li]spiky lizard thing[/li][li]horseshoe crab[/li][li]bird with a huge wattle[/li][li]baboon[/li][li]some kind of salamander[/li][li]axolotl[/li][li]aye-aye[/li][li]mudskipper[/li][li][Belgian blue cattle]( cattle)[/li][li]sharky thing with fin on nose[/li][li]coconut crab[/li][li]colossal squid[/li][li]colossal squid[/li][li]caterpillar with huge horns[/li][li]transparent polka-dot marine creature[/li][li]blimpy cyan and pink cephalopod[/li][li]puffy yellow cephalopod[/li][li]cattle with impossibly large horns[/li][li]fish with viper’s head[/li][li]gharial[/li][li]gharial[/li][li]unicorn sharky thing with spiky teeth[/li][li]sluggy thing with spiky teeth[/li][li]ugly chicks[/li][li]aye-aye[/li][li]ocean sunfish[/li][li]some kind of arachnid[/li][li]some kind of centipede[/li][li]camel spider[/li][li][naked mole rat]( rat)[/li][li]pink snaky thing with legs[/li][li][giant marine isopod]( isopod)[/li][li]dirty arachnid[/li][li]stripey blue thing with feathery limbs[/li][li]primate with a cavernous nose[/li][li]possibly hog-nosed turtle[/li][li]another large crab; possibly another [Japanese spider crab]( crab)[/li][li]some sort of creature with a large mouth and pointy teeth[/li][li]fish with enormous, widely spaced pointy teeth[/li][li]a giant beetle[/li][li]a large black spider[/li][li]vampire squid[/li][/ol]

I just recently saw a documentary featuring #7, the Chinese giant salamander.

#24 is the goblin shark. #25 looks a lot like just the head of one of these sharks, maybe preserved in some fashion.

Sorry for the double post but after looking through all of them I can also identify #37, from the same documentary incidentally (it’s called Wild China. And those monkeys happen to be native to China). It’s a snub-nosed monkey, specifically either a black or gray snub-nosed monkey.

The one under the Isopod is a Sea Spider. (In fact, it’s the self-same picture of one used in Wikipedia’s article.)

17 and 18 are both some species of Grimpoteuthis “Dumbo Octopuses”.

ETA: #3 is an Armadillo Lizard

For #3: linkety-link (yes I know I’m late to the party)

Oh I forgot to link 17 & 18 too: (you really need video for this creature)

#1 – a species of tadpole shrimp
#5 – Marabou Stork
#12 – an immature shovelnose dogfish (sorry, no linkie)
I’ve got more, but I have to start work.

33 is a Mexican Mole Lizard aka Five Toed Worm Lizard

38 is actually a Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle

42 looks like a Palo Verde beetle, but I’m not positive on that one
43 is a Giant Armored Trapdoor Spider

#21 is a shrieking eel.

Not really, it’s a Frilled Shark.

#36 is a pelagic sea slug, and shouldn’t be in a list of ugly creatures.

Three looks like a thorny devil, but I’m not sure…

I think some are quite cute, tbh.

#30 Orange-legged jungle centipede. They occur all over south-east Asia. I have been stung by one.

I think 3 is a thorny devil.

They can spit blood from their eye.

#20, the cow with the huge horns is a Watusi bull. Some more pictures of the record holder, which looks like the same animal:

BTW, should “most awful creatures in nature” include two pictures of domestic livestock?

Oh, and #10 is not a mudskipper. It is a batfish.

“Awful?” Come on. It’s not like they can help the way they look!

And a lot of them don’t even come close to looking like what I would call awful. Seriously - this? That’s like, one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. How could anyone call that awful?

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far. Here’s a revised list showing what’s been recognized (in bold) and what still needs identification. I’m particularly interested in the fish with giant spiked teeth.

[li]tadpole shrimp[/li][li][Japanese spider crab]( crab)[/li][li]armadillo lizard[/li][li]horseshoe crab[/li][li]marabou stork[/li][li]baboon[/li][li][Chinese giant salamander]( salamander)[/li][li]axolotl[/li][li]aye-aye[/li][li]batfish[/li][li][Belgian blue cattle]( cattle)[/li][li]shovelnose dogfish[/li][li]coconut crab[/li][li]colossal squid[/li][li]colossal squid[/li][li]caterpillar with huge horns[/li][li]transparent polka-dot marine creature[/li][li]dumbo octopus[/li][li]dumbo octopus[/li][li]watusi cattle[/li][li]frilled shark[/li][li]gharial[/li][li]gharial[/li][li]goblin shark[/li][li]goblin shark[/li][li]ugly chicks[/li][li]aye-aye[/li][li]ocean sunfish[/li][li]some kind of arachnid[/li][li][orange-legged jungle centipede]( centipede)[/li][li]camel spider[/li][li][naked mole rat]( rat)[/li][li][Mexican mole lizard]( lizard)[/li][li][giant marine isopod]( isopod)[/li][li]sea spider[/li][li][pelagic sea slug]( slug)[/li][li]snub-nosed monkey[/li][li][Cantor’s giant soft-shell turtle](’s_giant soft-shell turtle)[/li][li]another large crab; possibly another [Japanese spider crab]( crab)[/li][li]some sort of creature with a large mouth and pointy teeth[/li][li]fish with enormous, widely spaced pointy teeth[/li][li]possibly a [Palo Verde beetle]( beetle)[/li][li][giant armored trapdoor spider]( trapdoor spider)[/li][li]vampire squid[/li][/ol]

17 is some species of teuthowenia, which is a type of glass squid.
29 is sea spider (or Thomas Dahlgren).
40 is an alligator gar.
41 is a goliath tiger fish.
42 is a titan beetle.

17 Glass Squid

26 Great Grey Owl chicks

41 Record Piranha