Identify this Batillaria (snail) species

Snail pic

I believe those are Batillaria. They are in Birch Bay, just off the Strait of Georgia. Does anyone know what genus they are?

Do you mean what species? Batillaria is the genus.

Wiki doesn’t have any pictures and I know nothing about gastropod taxonomy, so I can’t help.

Sorry, yes. I was thinking Batillaridae. Looking for the species.

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Take all this with a large cubical crystal of salt, since I’m on the west coast of the U.S., and I’m not certain how much of my molluscan mentality is actually applicable on the east coast.
I think whether that’s the right genus is a good question here. Batillaria is probably the correct genus for most of those snails, and it’s hard to tell from the picture, for example, the largest one just on the edge between the palm and fingers of the hand in that photo might be a Cerithidea instead of Batillaria. But the little checkerboard white/light bands parallel to the axis of the shell are seen in west coast Batillaria and are not characteristic of Cerithidea, which also tend to get a bit bigger than Batillaria. To get a real sense of the correct genus, you need to know characteristics (are the axial ribs low or prominent?) which I just can’t judge from a picture.

I can’t really help with the individual species identification, but if you want to look at some shots on the web and find out which species are most common in that area, you can try here. Best of luck! :slight_smile: