Identify this bust?

Can anyone tell me whether this character is from a movie, or comic, or what? May be NSFW; nudity but no actual naughty bits shown.

That’s a straight razor she’s holding.

Looks like Bette Page to me.

Is that the humanoid female from Tripping the Rift? Looks more like her than Bettie.

Yeah, she looks Bettie-ish, but the straight razor is so un-Bettie. The bust gives off a vaguely noir-ish aura.

I think the Tripping the Rift gal (Six of One) has short hair.

doesn’t look a thing like Six of one to me. I vote Bettie Page too.

Definitely Bettie Page. Right bangs, and the picture file is named m_bp_shocked.jpg. The bp no doubt standing for Bettie Page. I agree the knife is odd, but I’d chalk that up to a bad choice by the sculptor.

The top left corner says (x)Bob Pauly. That’s where I’d assume the BP comes from. As for who it is, I don’t know, but my vote would be for NOT Bettie Paige. Just doesn’t look like her to me.

Faust. It’s from a comic named Faust. I have no idea what the comic is about, but I’ve seen images of Brinke Stevens in that same pose holding a razor as a poster for faust.

The page containing a link to that image calls it a “Betty Paige bust.” However, it does look (based on the naming conventions) like the “bp” stands for Bob Pauly. The film made from the comic

Replace the QQQ with htm and you’ll see Brinke Stevens with that hairdo, in that pose, holding a bloody razor. NWS Even though she is covering her nipples with her arms.

D’oh! You’re probably right. :smack:

The pose does look like the Brinke Stevens pose, but the bust looks more like Bettie to me. Although they’re not too far apart - Brinke has pretty much made a career of mimicking Bettie. :slight_smile:

Those right hand fingers make a strong statement. Maybe granddad was a dragon. The sign behind her says “Critical ass,” but that part’s missing. Goohooing Bob Pauly Sculpture got me nowhere.

–“Is this some kind of bust?”

–“Yes, very impressive.”


The kit is called “The Widow”, by Critical Mass Studios.

Scroll down to “Critical Mass”, if you click on it you can see another NSFW pic:

I know nothing about either Critical Mass or xofacto, just found them through Google. I assume Critical Mass is probably some guy in a garage.

The “bp” in the file name is most likely the photographer credited, Bob Pauly, as opposed to Bettie Page.

Sorry, I didn’t realize this had already been mentioned.

Like DocCathode said, it’s from a splatterpunk horror comic called Faust. Here’s a link to the original. Scroll down a bit to see it. Not a very good comic, unless you like a lot of ultraviolence mixed into your hardcore pornography. The character in the bust is one of the main villains, who would regularly have sex with men and then slaughter them in mid-coitus, which is what the straight razor is all about in that sculpture.

You and the Doc are definitely right. Thanks a lot!

I actually have a couple Faust comics at home from many years ago. Very very violent; I quit buying it for that reason. I’ve obviously purged it from my memory banks, since I didn’t recognize the character…

I see the very bottom image is the exact one that the bust is modeled on, right down to the facial expression. Only difference is the hair color in the bust is all black, not top black and tresses blond.

Not as much blood on the bust, either.