Identify this closing theme(?) music

I have a brief song in my collection, provenance unknown. It’s about a minute & three-quarters, and sounds a lot like the closing credits to a TV show. The feel of the piece is a bit melancholy and has a slightly Western sound (as in Country, not occidental).

It’s in a somewhat slow 3-time with a heavy beat on one, kind of a lugubrious waltz. What few shorter notes there are in a quarter/eighth triplet pattern (or you could say it’s in 9/8).

The melody is a fairly basic four bar pattern played on an acoustic guitar, and gets repeated with some slight variation. After the first few times, a slide guitar comes in. About a minute in, strings swell and the guitar is played more forcefully; there’s some winds a bit after that (could be synth) as well. Then it all quiets down a bit and ends.

The basic rhythm, with the first measure lead-in is (- means no notes played):
1 2 3 [| 1 - - | 1 - -&| 1 - - | 1 2 3]
(repeat bracketed segment, with some varying rhythms in the third and fourth measure)

Forgot to mention, it must have come before 2007, as that’s the date I have on the file. No other information, other than it does sound familiar to me.

Could you upload the file somewhere? I think that would be easier.

I’ve put it up here, but it can only be downloaded 10 times.

I’ll try to find a more usable place to put it, but for now only listen if the description jogs your memory.

It kind of reminds me of *Firefly *maybe?

Damn, now I’m curious too. It does sound familiar.

Yeah, it makes me think of Firefly too. But unless there was some episode that had an alternate ending, it’s not the closing credits. Might have been used at some point.

Just wanted to point out it’s not anything that’s on the Firefly Soundtrack (though that doesn’t mean it’s not from the show).

The Wings by Gustavo Santaolalla from Brokeback Mountain.

That’s it, thanks. Now I know where it likely came from, too. I had a hard drive crash and later ran a salvage file program to get what I could. It grabbed all the music, which included a bunch of files from the browser cache. This, along with a few others (like “Horndog” and that Nightwish song) came from YTMND.

Here it is on Youtube