Identify this coin from a vague description

The coin was silver (colored?) with a bronze (colored?) eagle attached to it. When I say attached I mean it looked like the eagle had been soldered on. The eagle was very stylized, sort of reminiscent of Native American art. Any idea?

Reworked German 5 mark coin perhaps?

A little too vague … I think Ornery Bob may be on to something … this coin perhaps was reworked from an actual circulation coin … more information is needed …

Anything like this -

Look at the “Walking Liberty” half-dollar coin, 1916-1947, they were often reworked into all kinds of things. Has a bad ass eagle on the reverse.

I see coins like this advertised on TV sometimes–they take an ordinary coin or round (and I’m a bit of a pedant about a round being called a coin) and paint it or plate it or cut holes into it, sell it for a massive markup, and try to convince the rubes that they are buying a valuable collectible. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the very one you describe. (Probably not this Mexican one, right?)

This coin literally looked like the eagle had been glued onto it.

I can’t figure out how to post links on the Kindle, but if you do a search for “mythical land of Haida coin” it’s somewhat similar to what I was describing except the coin was silver and the eagle speadeagled and bronze.

Like I mentioned, I think I’ve seen the exact “coin” you mean, but can’t find a link to it now. But there are tons of weird things people make and call them coins. Your coin probably looks most similar to number 15 here. (I’ve also seen one with a similar pop-up Wold Trade Center.) Other galleries of weird “coins” here and here.