Identify this convertible

I spent an hour trying to figure this out today and looked through every make in the early to mid 90s which is what it appears to be.

The person that added the picture is very skilled at identifying makes and models and he listed it as unknown.

Although sometimes I wonder if he does it just to create some fun on the site. Maybe he doesn’t know though.

Thanks for anyone’s help in conquering this.

Maybe you can get a better look by watching Miami Rhapsody.

Unfortunately no, the person that added the picture would provide all views that are shown especially if it was unknown.

With the exception of the larger head rests on the seats, everything about that car appears to be consistent with a 1995 Mustang Convertible–specifically the general shape, the dashboard mounds in front of the driver and passenger, the position of the door locks, and the VIN cutout on the windshield. I am trying to find a Mustang with those specific seats, but all the ones I am seeing have the smaller headrests. Those seats look like the ones on a 1989 and earlier Mustang, but those models did not have that dashboard. . .
I will keep looking.

I was also leaning toward 1995 Toyota Celica convertible, which also matches several attributes–including the seats. But the Celica doesn’t appear to have that distinct gap in the windshield frame like the Mustang.

ETA: Definitely not a Celica. The locks aren’t located on the top of the doors like in the pictured car.

I think you have it with a fourth generation Ford Mustang convertible. I thought I had checked that already I think I was looking at the generation before it though. Even if the headrests don’t match for some reason it’s a Mustang.

I have a 94 Mustang convertible. I’ll have to try looking at the windshield from the front in the morning. Never would have guessed.

I think the Mustang also, specifically the Cobra SVT which seems to have the headrests:

The power bulge in the hood of the movie car is identical to the Mustang. I bet if you did watch the movie the car might appear in a background/street scene not really featured.


As a total ‘not car guy’ my first thought was Mustang when I saw it. FWIW, if you look at other pictures of Mustangs from 1995, they hood is higher in the middle (some of them have a scoop in it as well). It dives back down, at least on the driver’s side, right where the wiper is mounted. In the OP’s picture you can see right under the wiper, the hood goes down in the same spot.

Scroll down and blow up the first picture on this page.

Here is the trailer and the car appears several times. The first times are just the still shot in the OP, but later there is a side shot. Maybe you Mustang guys can see something. I would watch the thing but it looks boring as hell.


Just pulled up the movie and watched the scene. The inside of the doors are also a dead giveaway. Definitely Mustang.

Yeah Ebay and similar sites are a great place to see pictures of cars up close when trying to identify.

For some reason this time I didn’t look close enough at this generation of Mustang.

Great view. The vertical black lines on the top of the windshield frame also appear to be unique to the Mustang. I wasn’t able to find any other car with them in that exact location… if at all.

That’s exactly what I was looking for.

We live in a world where a Mazda Navajo exists. I think I was thinking about this one too deeply haha.

Definitely a Mustang. Mine doesn’t have those headrests so it could be a Cobra or they modified the car on the set. I barely notice the hood bump from inside.