Identify this military vehicle

From my office window I can see a busy stretch of train tracks. About once a week, a train carrying military equipment rolls by. Usually there are lots of Humvees, tanker trucks, and what looks like the classic deuce and a half. There are also low, boxy, eight-wheeled vehicles that appear to be a common platform for a variety of uses. Can anyone identify these mystery trucks for me?

The Stryker, perhaps?

No, these appear to be cargo or support vehicles, as they are not any more armored than a Humvee. The wheels are in two groups of four–one front and the other aft. They’re about twice as long as a Humvee, and the cabin is out in front of the front wheels.

Is this it?

Pictures are near the bottom

It sounds like it might be an M-977 fuel truck as seen here in breathtaking 1/82 scale. Is that it?

Some kind of FMTV??

It might be a k-loader used to load aircraft.

I second Ravenman’s guess of a HEMTT. Note that RadioWave’s guess is also a HEMTT (just the fuel tank variant)

I know what Vibrotronica’s talking about. They pass by my house too. If it’s what I’m thinking about, the HEMTT is the most likely.

Yes, it is the HEMTT. Thank you!