Identify this movie (?) based on a shaky memory of a scene. (FUN!)

This is driving me crazy.

I vaguely remember a scene in a movie (maybe tv show) that goes soemthing like this.

It’s between a Boy and Girl and one may has secret feelings for the other.

One says something like; “How do you know?”

The other (I think the girl) says “Because no one makes me feel the way I feel when I’m with you.”

I seem to remember it raining at the time. It’s very emotional and is obviously a major turning point in the story.

“Say Anything”? “Chasing Amy”? “Bridge Over the River Kwai”? I cannot remember!

Sounds to me like Dirty Dancing.

It is also very similar to a scene in Chasing Amy.

I don’t know, reminds me more of Holden’s soliloquy to Alyssa Jones in “Chasing Amy.” Ahem.

(Bolding mine)

The scene also took place in the rain, which matches the OP.

Wasn’t there a scene like this in Attack of the Clones?

I’d lean toward the scene in Dirty Dancing where Johnny is telling Baby that he believes she’s not afraid of anything, and she starts listing off all the things she’s afraid of, the final one being she’s afraid of leaving and “never feeling again the way I feel when I’m with you.”

Big emotional confrontation, check. Rain, I do believe so. Quoted OP line, check.

Yes, there was, although IIRC there was a fireplace and no rain.

Maybe someone should start a thread cataloguing how many times the same line and/or scene gets used in different movies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasabee, please throw us a bone and describe hair color, clothes, something!

It’s entirely possible it’s Dirty Dancing. I’ve never seen it and I hope I’m never forced to at gunpoint or threat of fingernail-removal.

I never thought I’d get to share this with the SDMB, but in light of the Dirty Dancing mention, here’s the funniest damn DVD review I’ve ever read.


Definitely sounds like Dirty Dancing, which I guess you shouldn’t check out if you don’t like campy movies. Or getting laid. I swear to god nothing makes a roomful of schoolgirls hornier than this movie (I’m speaking from experience). Even ones who have absolutely no interest in Patrick Swayze, even ones studying feminist film, even lesbians who hate to dance. And, despite what the aforementioned reviewer may be arguing, these audience members are not all masochistic throwbacks unable to read a film in anything but a straightforward way.