Identify this Pixar short for me, please

Several street musicians compete in an otherwise empty faux-European plaza. The youngest is the scrappiest of them all.

What’s its name? What movie did it first appear before?

One Man Band. Came out with Cars.

I believe you are thinking of One Man Band, which was released along with Cars.

D’oh. Beaten to the punch.

One Man… damn

Thanks, everybody!

Bonus question: Name the piece played over the closing credits.

I saw Cars in the theater and have absolutely no recollection of this short.

Closing credits music is Pablo de Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen, or at least so says the Wiki page.

Cars is the only Pixar film which I’ve never seen. I’ve only seen One Man Band because I have a DVD with all of the Pixar shorts (a rare example of my sister-in-law getting me a gift that I actually liked!)

Curse you Wikipedia, for being so accessible and knowledgeable!

But, but, but ANYbody can edit Wikipedia! How do you know he didn’t just make it up?