Identify this rocky beach

I saw this commercial for Abilify today which features a woman walking along an ocean beach with huge black rocks jutting out of the sand, which at the end of the commercial looks like it’s in a slight cove. Can anyone identify this beach?

I’m mostly looking for this specific beach, but if you want to chime in with similar beaches that’s fine too.

Note: the youtube video has a parody soundtrack, but the video images of the beach themselves are from the original commercial.

My first thought is that it’s obviously the Oregon coast, whose scenery is legendary for the “big rocks in sand” thing.

As to the specific beach, they could have found any little cove in a landscape like this to set up their cameras in.

I haven’t been there in a while but that is similar to Bean Hollow State Beach in California, but I don’t think it’s got quite that many pointy rocks sticking out of the water. I have a feeling I’ve been to the beach in that ad, but I can’t place it.

Edit: And if you have time to spend looking manually, you can scan a significant part of California coastline using this online system

From the looks of it, it really can be anywhere. If it’s pacific coast I’d guess somewhere between San Simeon and Vancouver :slight_smile:

I just finished watching The Goonies, and I could swear that the shot of the kids on the beach, just after coming out of the cave with the pirate ship, was shot in exactly the same place.
The movie was filmed in Astoria, Oregon; so that beach may be (or not) around that area.

I went surfing around and found this screen capture of the movie the rock just to the left and below the ship looks a lot like the rock in the background about second 10 in the commercial, although from a different angle.

I think I’ve been there too. I put it between San Simeon & Carmel. Or at least I’m sure the beach I’m thinking of is in that area. Whether it’s the one in the commercial I can’t say for sure.
But, as groman said, that’s very typical Pacific coast topography and could be damn near anywhere from Baja to Canada.

Great voice over BTW.

I think he’s right. Look up pics of Cannon Beach. It’s a damned close match.

Heh. :wink: I’m not entirely convinced. But that would be cool. I actually lived in Oregon briefly when I was 10 years old and visited Cannon Beach once. I don’t remember it being quite like the commercial, but memories do fade… Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

I would have guessed up near Gualala, CA. But it really could be anywhere from Jenner to British Columbia, or Baja south of San Diego. I kind of think there are more sea stacks than you’ll see anywhere near Big Sur, but I could be wrong about that too.