Identify this sculpture (and the legend behind it)

There is a sculpture based on a legend or story or fable of some kind. The story is that a tribe of blind people is traveling somewhere, across the desert or something, and they are being led by some old wise sighted guy, who dies, leaving the blind people stranded.

The sculpture shows a huddled mass of terrified blind people raising a baby aloft, Lion King style, presumably because the baby is the only one that can see, and they are hoping to, well, I dunno, whatever blind people hope when they are stranded in the desert with only a baby to light their way.

Questions: What is the sculpture and sculptor? Where is it? What happened to the blind people afterward?


I don’t know the statue, but it sounds like it may be based on the Bulgar soldiers Basil II blinded and sent home to Bulgaria. (Technically he blinded 9 out of 10 and ‘half-blinded’ the 10th and had the one-eyed 10th soldiers lead the rest back.)