Identify this short story for me?

It’s about some kid who goes to a birthday party, and over the course of the story, it becomes evident that no one else is coming. That may be a little vague, but it’s all I have to go on.

Not a short story, but in King’s Row, a little girl had a birthday party and no one came, except for a nice little boy.

Some other little girl was jealous of her and scheduled a party for the same day.

This probably isn’t it though, huh.

Short story?! I was that kid!!

Kipper’s Birthday is about a dog that organized his own party but put “tomorrow” on the invitations, then didn’t deliver them until the day of the party. HAHA! Oh, what a time poor Kipper had.

It’s all ok, his friends came the next day and they had a wonderful time

Well if we’re just coming up with similar occurrences from the realm of fiction, something like this happened to Peter Brady.

Surely you remember. It was the one where he saved some girl from being flattened by a shelf in a toy store. Then the newspapers get a hold the story, Peter’s head swells and he decides to throw a party for himself. His buddies having had enough of him all decline to attend, leaving Peter alone again naturally –BUT WAIT!- the Brady kids to the rescue and his siblings show up, get the celebration started with Peter having learned another one of life’s valuable lessons.

I know this isn’t the one you were thinking about but worth a contribution all the same.

That was also a scene from Little Man Tate.

Did you give them permission to use your story? I smell royalty lawsuit. I want in on the action as I waited with my friend while no one showed up for the party she planned in high school.