Identify this song?

I heard this pleasant little acoustic number in a shop and recorded it on my phone, hence the terrible sound quality and all the background noise. The vocal harmonies drown out the instruments a bit, but you can make out the acoustic guitar part, I think.

So, any ideas as to the song or artist?

I don’t recognize it, but next time load a song recognition app (Shazam, IntoNow etc.) onto your phone and let it listen. They work amazingly well.

Oh, and I tried letting my iPhone listen to it thru my PC speakers, no good…

I wish I’d had the presence of mind to do that, but knowing my phone, by the time it got an internet connection the song would have finished. As it is I only managed to capture the later part of the song, which simply repeats the apparently wordless lyrics in the clip over and over again, so no clues there. Still, at least I did get a recording of it. I have subsequently tried it in Shazam but, as you say, no luck. It’s probably too distorted, or maybe too obscure.