Identify this WWII general?

Link Not George Marshall, obviously, but the chap with him.

Looks to me like Ike.

But wasn’t Eisenhower a five-star general? Or was Marshall the only five-star general in the ETO?

Both were among the few who attained 5-star rank.

Without looking it up I am guessing promotions were not made
until after sometime after it was clear that Operation Overlord
was a success.

According to wiki on 20 December 1944.

Could he be this guy?

Thank you!

I’ll agree that it looks like Hap Arnold, perhaps Ike, but the chin dimple suggests Arnold. Whoever it is was a four star at the time, so that narrows it down a whole lot.

Marshall got his on the 16th
Eisenhower got his on the 20th
Arnold got his on the 21st