Identifying a 60s song

There is a song by a group like The Platters or Smokey Robinson that I am trying to find…it was used years ago in a Yellow Pages commercial. All I can remember is the words “searching”, and “Go find her,” and piano trills at the end of some lines.

Lets get an obvious one out of the way. I don’t suppose it’s Sweet Talking Womanby ELO, is it?

Searchin’'by The Coasters?

Thanx :slight_smile:

That song (from Lieber and Stroller, 1957) has a strong resemblance to Elvira written in 1966 by Dallas Frazier.

I* thought* so! :smiley:

Not to mention “She’s About a Mover” by the Sir Douglas Quintet.

(Nitpick: Lieber and Stoller, not Stroller)