Identifying a troll

Admittedly, I don’t feel quite comfortable enough in my SDMB footing yet to jump right in and point out a possible troll in our midst. I was wondering, at what point do the established superstars (kellibelli, Satan, ChiefScott, etc. You know who you are) make the call on troll/not troll? I’ve flipped through the FAQ’s, checked other pages, and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer.

Dang it, there goes my omnipotence flying out the window.

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Do I have to explain everything …

O wait.

I ain’t no superstar. I MIGHT be a troll, if only I found out what that was. From the contexts I’ve seen the word ‘troll’ uased in here, I’m guessing it’s some sort of ignorant, dumb and mainly obnoxious poster. Am I somewhere near the correct definition ?


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Well, here are a few things I look for in a troll (this post is in no way intended to make me out to be any kind of astronomical body or formation. I know better).

1.Posting or responding to a thread with antagonism that has nothing to do with the subject matter, and everything to do with pissing people off.

  1. Asking a question that could be answered, via a dictionary, encyclopedia, or a database search, in about 5 minutes (There are at least three questions that I’ve wanted to ask on this board; a quick search answered my question.)

3.My spelling is really bad, and my grammer needs work, but I at least try to proofread my posts. Right or wrong, posting like a third grader is going to get you labeled as a troll.

  1. Posting a personal attack in the Pit is an iffy proposition; this seems to be the biggest grey area in determining if one is a troll or not.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I troll is generally defined as one who repeatedly posts inane questions, topics or replies in an effort to merely inflame or irritate the other members. A troll also continually posts off-topic responses.
An example of troll-like behavior would be someone who posts a question to which he (or she) already knows the answer; this person is merely testing the other’s knowledge and usually will not be satisfied with any of the responses.

At least this is how I understand it. I am a relatively inexperienced member myself, but this is what I have been able to glean from the others.

ColdFire, you are far from troll-like. Your posts are consistently intelligent and enlightening. I continually have to remind myself English is not your native language.

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So, do you American dweebs REALLY think soccer’s a sport for sissies ??


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Am I still far from being a troll ?



“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Nice try Coldfire, but you’ll have to do better than that. You have a good track record to overcome.

“You should certainly have made a sign saying which was your mouth, which your asshole.
Just when you were gabbing I thought you’d farted.” - Nicarchus, as quoted by P.J. O’Rourke

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll pop on over to the BBQ pit and throw out my thought on it. Wow, new ground being broken for me. And Coldfire, I may not have been here long, but you sure seem to be in the on-deck circle for superstar status, regardless of your highly erroneous views regarding soccer.

It’s not bragging if you can do it - Satchel Paige

I wouldnt put myself up as a ‘superstar’, but um…thanks, I guess…I havnt been here all that long myself, there are many true veterans out there.

trolls…well, Unclebeer hit it dead on.

A good example is a brand spanking new poster who suddenly appears on GQ with silly ,quiz-like questions, the pit with an attack on someone they have little or no quarrel with (See "Sandibelman is not my friend)
and funny thing though, they dont seem as common it MPSIMS…
Trolls also like to use lots of profanity, and they like to tell people off.

For the record…Sandibelman is not a troll.
Furthermore, a troll who is presented with evidence of trolling, and then reforms, is not a troll anymore. Real trolls CANNOT reform.

Quote: So, do you American dweebs REALLY think soccer’s a sport for sissies ??

How about this:

how can americans think they’re football is so cool, every CIVILIZED country on the earth thinks soccer is better what the mater with the usa ARE THEY ALL STUPID I THINK THEY JUST DONT KNOW HOW TO APRESHIATE A GOOD SPort

Then, dissapear for about two or three days. When you reappear, whine about how everybody is calling you a troll for no good reason. Use the “I know you are, but what am I?” stratagym for bonus points.

So, how am I doing? Am I even close to capturing the essense of trolldom?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I was just kidding around with that superstar thing of course, but it seems that some people actually believe it can be done :wink:

Thanks for the support…

As to the soccer thing, a World Cup wasn’t even enough to get the US into the game. I’m of course talking about the 1994 W.C., anyone mentioning the US Women Soccer team in this respect TRUELY doesn’t undertsand soccer :slight_smile:



“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Coldfire -

Sorry, you’re automatically disqualified for being a troll, since you’re a Rush fan. :wink:

Wasn’t this covered in another thread?
I think it was titled “why feed trolls”.
I still can’t get the search engine to work and don’t have time to do it manually. Does anyone have it bookmarked?

The correct mathematical formula is as follows:

Antagonism + (Attitude x 526) + Ignorance - Intelligence = Troll

Now then - Since when is little ol’ me a superstar? blush

Yer pal,

Outlining the reason’s for Satan’s superstardom

  1. Throws a lot of good points into whichever fray he has entered (and I say that while taking into account the whole Scrabble ending in -a debacle)
  2. If a poster makes me either laugh or go "Hmmmm, didn’t realize that) more than a few times, I consider that a good sign.
  3. I feel it proper to not tick off Satan.

It’s not bragging if you can do it - Satchel Paige

Making Satan blush…wow, y’know, that cant be easy!

Satan? I thought that was Jesus Christ, Superstar.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Sealemon88, how about one when people use apostrophe’s for plural’s. You wonder where it’s English skill’s went.

No, Hubby, I don’t think that bad grammar ( &/or spelling ) by itself is sufficient reason to call someone a troll. It helps of course, but someone who says intelligent things and makes good points is not a troll, not even if they constantly confuse their, there, & they’re.

Being a troll is more a matter of what you say than how you say it. Of course many trolls do have poor writing skills, but I think that this is just a side effect of their ( generally ) lower intelligence &/or levels of education.

          Hoping no-one thinks **I'm**a troll,

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Am I just way off base on this? It always seemed to me that there were two “kinds” of trolls: trollish posters, and trollish posts or topics.

With regard to the former - that is: troll-as-in-ogre - it is clearly an issue of manners, conduct, personal hygiene, etc.

With regards to the latter - that is: troll-as-in-fishing-technique, I assumed that “troll” could also be said to describe a topic or question posed with ulterior motives. That would be, for e.g., an “innocent philosophical conundrum” posed in an attempt to maneuver someone into defeat on another topic entirely - again for e.g., a religious topic. Thus the poster (who is probably also a troll) is fishing for victims.

Satan: please to stop with the false modesty already. To be making those of us with REAL faults embarrassed and confused, it does.